Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I've Moved to Dallas

As most of y'all know I finished at the U of A in August and decided to move to Dallas!  At first I wasn't sure about my decision because this meant leaving my wonderful family and friends in NWA, but after lots of thinking I have decided that this is where I need to be to start my life in the "real world".  I am very thankful for the wonderful friends I have met so far!  They have helped me acclimate and maneuver my way around the BIG D!  Here is a little glimpse into my life so far in Dallas!

Me, Molly, Caroline, Nicki
As many of y'all know, Nicki was my roomie for 2 years in the TriDelta house.   Molly is one of Nicki's friends from high school (they are from Dallas) and Caroline (from Austin) is one of Molly's roomates from Baylor.  I am so thankful for these 3 girls!
These two girls are Hannah and Sarah.  Hannah (from Dallas) and Sarah (from St.Louis) were roomates and Pi Phi sisters at Mizzou.  I met these two girls at bible study and I can't imagine Dallas without them!
Lauren (on the left) is one of my good friends from work.  She went to Texas A&M and moved to Dallas after graduation.  I am so thankful to have met her and hang out with her outside of work!
Meagan (left) and Cheyenne (center)
These two girls are who I am currently living with!  Megan and Cheyenne are both from the greater Dallas area and went to the U of A with me.  Meagan was a Tridelt with Nicki and I and was even our neighbor sophomore year in the Tridelt house!  I am so grateful to be living with these two great girls!

Elissa and Miranda
Elissa and Miranda are both Native Arkansans like myself therefore we have a special bond living in Dallas!  Elissa went to the U of A with me and Miranda went to UNT but they are both originally from Conway.  I met Miranda through Elissa at bible study.  As you can tell these two girls are very fun and I am so glad to have them here in Dallas!

I hope y'all enjoy learning a little about my new friends in Dallas!  I promise to update more often to keep you in the know about my new life in the BIG D!


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